Why You Should Invest in Brand Guardianship

Short Read

Keeping on top of brand changes is often hard to do from the inside when bogged down in the internal politics or the day-to-day running of the business. Holding a mirror up to yourself and pointing out areas for development is awkward and hard to do. Having an external brand guardian can help ease these issues. Not only in pointing out those problem areas but actively helping you to address them.


Brand guardians work closely with clients to define the right brand strategy and visual identity that will help to achieve their ambitions. The job doesn’t stop there though. The brand project is the tip of the iceberg; the main success factor for any rebrand or brand evolution is the way the business uses the brand, embraces the brand and applies the brand. That’s where the role of a brand guardian comes in.

“For us, having an expert brand guardian is essential. It means we can stay on top of both internal and customer needs and are continually raising the quality of our output and ensuing rapid response to any external factors that arise.”

Isobel Peck, CMO, Informa Connect

A brand guardian has many different guises and they take on different roles for different clients depending on their needs. Below are some of the ways clients can benefit from investing in brand guardianship:

  • Proactively help to set ongoing priorities and strategic direction for the brand when new opportunities or challenges surface
  • Monthly and quarterly evaluations and market reports to ensure the brand evolves and remains relevant as the industry evolves
  • Help to maintain high standards and consistency of visual and written communication; involvement in monthly or quarterly creative reviews, creation of design templates or briefs
  • Ease the pressure on the senior management by bringing them solutions to challenges they might yet be unaware of
  • Act as the lynchpin for a geographically split internal team of marketers and designers to ensure coherency of brand experience
  • Spot issues shared by separate teams and come up with a single solution which can be applied wider than one team; providing efficiency through creative thinking

A brand guardian’s role depends on the internal needs and set-up of clients. For clients with internal design teams, they act as a strategic partner but don’t take on the day-to-day applications to ensure internal ownership. In this case, it is their external strategic brand expertise that brings the most value to clients.

Businesses and organisations must constantly adapt and evolve their brand; attracting new audiences, expanding into new areas, and staying one step ahead of the competition. Every single inflection of change needs to be considered and having an expert on hand to support strategic decision-making can be invaluable. It may not be the sexy part of a branding project but it’s real and necessary.

At Nalla, we don’t believe brands can stand still. It feels natural to us and our clients to continue the relationship beyond the initial strategy and identity project, and that’s for a very good reason; the job isn’t complete. The brand must keep evolving, so we help to guide our clients on this journey, and ensure they are ready to adapt and thrive in their markets.