Digital transformation without considering brand experience is like a butty without bacon.


Digital transformation without considering brand experience is like a butty without bacon.

Practical benchmarking insight for the Healthcare sector


  • An industry overview of digital engagement and change metrics amongst competitors
  • Opportunity to gauge industry-wide business and digital priorities
  • Understanding of how other organisations are positioning themselves effectively
  • The ability to benchmark and review if others in the industry have digitised services, products and processes
  • Vital insight to help inform digital strategies and reduce the risk of disruption

The Change Report: Healthcare will help organisations decide what matters most, so they can plan for the future with clarity and confidence.

Vicki Young

Founder & CEO, Nalla

What’s inside?

Patient Experience

Improving patient experience is a high priority for healthcare organisations right now, so how can embracing digital change help?

of respondents stated that improving patient experience was the number one priority for their organisations this year
Organisational Challenges

What’s stopping healthcare organisations from undergoing a digital transformation, and how can this be addressed?

of respondents felt there was mid to high risk of failure of the entire organisation if they are unable to change and embrace transformation.
Emerging Technology

Exciting technological developments are rapidly changing the healthcare sector, but how can the true potential of these technologies be realised?

of respondents said their organisations were only currently using emerging technologies in a limited way, or not at all

How can healthcare organisations leverage the power of data and help address some of the sector’s most pressing issues?

of respondents stated that they use data all the time to inform business decisions

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