The questions everyone’s asking right now

We spoke to a cross-section of C-suite marketers and business owners about the challenges they’re experiencing and had candid discussions on what they are prioritising over the coming months. 

The inaugural edition of The Brand Agenda brings our findings together into three key areas of priority, to help other marketers tackling the same issues plan for the future.

So, what’s inside?

Rethinking culture in a remote world

Our discussions revealed that hiring and keeping talent is more difficult than ever right now. To attract and retain the best talent, culture must be more than skin deep – have you created long term culture strategies for remote or hybrid working?

Pressure for short-term ROI

Our respondents said pressure to report quick ROI means the argument for long-term brand building doesn’t get the air time. This has become a particular challenge for the marketers we spoke to whose usual activation activities have been blocked through Covid-19 – sound familiar?

Reactive adoption of new channels

‘Pivoting’ was the marketing word of the year in 2020, and these forced shifts have left some brands with some cleaning up to do. The focus has been on short term instead of long term, on revenue channels rather than creating a consistent experience – and this imbalance is being noticed. So, how can you achieve this balance, and what does it look like?

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