Ten top writing tips


Even the best authors use well known tips, tricks and techniques (such as alliteration) to give their writing a bit of zip.

Here’s 10 ways to add some flavour to your writing. Use liberally, but just like spices, don’t feel the need to throw them all into the pot at once.


  • Vary your sentence length
    A simple technique that will keep readers engaged. And it’s easy to do. Really easy.


  • Cut, cut and cut again
    Fewer words = more impact. Read your sentences and make sure you’re not saying the same thing twice.


  • Act natural
    Imagine you’re talking to a friend over coffee. If your writing sounds forced, it’s time for a rethink.


  • Get physical
    Verbs like disentangle, unlock, distil, unearth and filter make a direct emotional connection with readers.


  • One thought per sentence
    Maintain pace by making each point purposeful and part of the big story.


  • Make it punchy
    Short sentences work. You’re in control.


  • Use the words your customers say
    Technical jargon is fine if that’s how an industry talks. But jargon isn’t. ‘Facilitated networking’ sounds like they’re trying too hard.


  • Tell, don’t sell
    Avoid ‘hard sell’ clichés. A general ‘don’t miss out’ is less convincing than the specific reasons why.


  • Spread the love
    English has a lot of words, so don’t always use the same ones. Your audience might be professionals and your topic may be serious, but you don’t have to be boring. They’re people too.


  • Be meticulous
    And remember: get spelling, punctuation and grammar right.