Pay it forward: why we should all give back to society

We believe that internal employee engagement by fostering the feeling that everyone’s part of a business that truly stands for something is mission-critical to a brand’s success. If you can give back you should – be it in time or money. That’s what we advise our clients, and that’s what we do ourselves.

We ‘gave back’ with the gift of our time to create a powerful brand that supports women getting home safely at night. As a female-founded business, we understand the challenges women face when walking on their own. The tragic death of Sarah Everard at the hand of a police officer was the catalyst that prompted a unanimous decision in our studio to do something to help women reclaim the streets without fear.

That’s how we came across Strut Safe, a young organisation trying to do something very important with very little support. We gifted them with a brand new visual identity to give their brand a bit more oomph and to help get their message out to more people across the UK.

From logo and graphic devices through to typefaces and colours, the suite of assets gives greater flexibility and consistency to the Strut Safe brand identity.

And the reaction? Numerous messages and comments from Strut Safe’s followers about how much they loved the new identity. And Alice Jackson, Co-founder at Strut Safe, said she was “F****** OBSESSED!” with the new look.

Safe to say it’s gone down a storm.

Are you rebranding?