A destination for learning

Waltham Forest College received funding for a regeneration project that involved renovations to the Reception, Library and Cafes. This was the perfect time to rethink their visual identity to promote the college as a desirable destination for learning.



  • Assist in changing the reputation of the college
  • Encourage new applications and enrolments
  • Be modern, relevant and flexible



  • Flexible brand identity centred around students
  • Interior branding that creates a dynamic learning environment

Waltham Forest College isn’t about just studying a subject, it’s about offering students the opportunities to gain important life skills, such as being part of a team and respecting others.

We reflected this in the new identity, by surveying a section of students and using their answers to inform the colour balance of an infographic chart. Depending on the answers given, the chart changed, providing a fluid system that changes and evolves. Not only is the brand identity flexible and ever-changing, it truly is centred around the students.


With a wide range of subject matters, the adaptable infographic meant every subject could have its own unique arrangement of shapes, while feeling part of a coherent brand identity. At a top-level, the graphic added a dynamic visual effect into communications and, at a deeper level, could also be used for chart styling in course booklets to give detail into the makeup of the course.


Working together with the new architecture, the branding made immediate visual impact on the learning environment; from bold reception graphics and wayfinding signage through to glass vinyls. The flexible brand system, with its bold colour palette, reflected the huge variety of learning options available to students.

Creative Direction
Vicki Young
Alice Saunders

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