A brand new venture

Waitrose – one of the UK’s oldest and most respected supermarket chains – wanted to translate their unique positioning into an out-of-store event, in the form of a Food & Drinks Festival.



  • To showcase and enforce their strong relationships with suppliers.
  • Encourage consumers to try new products.
  • Create new and engaging assets to translate their purpose and identity from in-store to the new event space.



  • Highlighted artisanal, quality-focused nature of suppliers through unique illustrated letterform, representing each product group and its craft.
  • Took inspiration from drinks and seasonal colouration to extend the existing colour palette.



  • 1,745 tickets were sold
Challenges & Opportunities

Waitrose’s brand has been built through evolutions, rather than revolutions. Its logo has changed only once since its creation in 1984 and has been the same since its 2004 refresh.

As this was its first festival, there were no existing assets.

We were asked to create an identity from scratch, while retaining the heritage of the main brand. It was vital to acknowledge and use Waitrose’s existing masterbrand assets and equity, while focusing on the aspirations for the festival. This became an opportunity to create a platform that showcased the suppliers’ stories and products.

visitors were expected to attend Waitrose’s first Drinks Festival

Inspired by their reputation for quality, we wanted to highlight Waitrose’s dedication to their suppliers relationships. It was clear from the beginning of our immersion that these passionate people would form the heart of the festival. Many of them are artisan and the focus on quality is strong, their products supported by incredible stories.

We decided to portray this passion and dedication through illustration, creating a unique letterform representing each different product group and its craft. This was then integrated with our typographical style, and these unique decorative letters became the core visual for the festival. They were used as wayfinding signals in the venue, and helped position Waitrose as approachable experts.

We also extended the existing colour palette, using the colours of the drinks and seasonal shades as inspiration. Light, fresh imagery added a modern twist.

We really lived and breathed the Waitrose culture throughout this event and feel proud to have created a drinks festival that truly represents both Waitrose and their diverse suppliers, and gives customers an excellent experience.

Sarah Kay

Managing Director, Story Events


We partnered with Story Events on everything from concepts to advertising. Nalla also designed a comprehensive show guide to help over 1,500 visitors find their way around the five floors of activity.

Social media response has been overwhelmingly positive, asking for a repeat performance next year.

tickets were sold for the festival, workshops and after party

It came from the viewpoint of creating a unique and specialist experience, seeing it come to life on-site has made us very proud, it has been a fantastic success.

Anne Jones

Category Manager for Beer, Wine and Spirits, Waitrose


  • Best use of Typography  
Jonny Davidson
Tina Touli
Kirsty Tavendale
Axelle Van De Goor

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