Because the world isn’t flat

We live in a three-dimensional world, but existing displays and holographic techniques fall flat when it comes to replicating our real-life experiences. VividQ is on a mission to change that. Using their unique software, VividQ are able to create highly realistic, 3D holograms with true depth of field.

So, how do you communicate a brand so technically advanced?



  • Craft a clear narrative to explain the what, how and why of VividQ
  • Increase sales of those embedding VividQ’s software into R&D
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of true-depth holography



  • Evolved, de-jargoned and clarified product offerings
  • Ensured the brand and its communications reflected the innovation and aspiration of the technology



  • Raised additional £2.4m seed funding
  • SEO improvements; appearing on the first page of Google search results for both their key search terms/keywords
  • Double the monthly business enquiries from their website
  • Company has tripled in size YOY
  • Successful launch of internship programme
Technology immersion session

VividQ is a deep tech software company with world-leading expertise in 3D holography. Their expert engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists have solved key technology barriers in the adoption of holographic display for mass commercial application.

Although the team at VividQ could articulate the product well, they had trouble communicating this to a wider audience. The workshops we held helped define their challenge points and spot opportunities for the brand to flourish within the market. Our early strategy work ensured that the communications were able to flex when talking to a wide variety of different users; from the tech-savvy to investors.


The strategy and unique positioning focused on how the brand’s technology allowed objects to come in and out of focus to create a 3D visual world from a 2D display. This was encapsulated by the strapline: ‘Because the world isn’t flat’.

Evolving the existing logo into a brand expression with depth
Real, unedited footage of the technology

Working with the brand’s existing logo, we enriched the visual identity with the depth that technology provides. Using this sense of depth allows for the viewer to be immersed into VividQ’s dynamic perception of the world, in addition to creating ownable typographic and image styles that feel truly unique.

growth in monthly business inquiries from website

By exploring focal fields we were able to visualise what the software actually achieves and use it as a visual identity system.

Jonny Davidson

Design Director, Nalla


We translated the dynamism of the technology into the digital experience to give the user the real VividQ experience. Balancing functionality without compromising design aesthetics was a real challenge, but by combining a range of CSS animations, parallax sections and full-screen scroll-jacking, we were able to build a website that bought VividQ’s software to life.

reduction in bounce rates

The small details of the website mimic the very nature of VividQ’s holographic software – rollovers played with blurring techniques that helped emulate a natural sense of focus. See more at

The mobile experience was just as important as desktop – we worked closely with our development team throughout the development stage to ensure any interactions or animations weren’t compromised.

Making technically complex software be able to not only inspire but also talk plainly and simply has boosted the brand’s reach. None of this would have been possible without openness and trust. VividQ were willing to join us on the journey to push the boundaries of what was technically possible at every touch point, even within a complex interactive CMS website. With their support, we crafted an innovative but accessible brand that will be within everyone’s homes in the future.

Vicki Young

CEO, Nalla

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