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VividQ is a trailblazing company. However, when you’re ahead of the pack, it’s not always easy to bring others along on the journey with you. People need to be able to see and understand your vision. They need clarity.

Technology immersion session

VividQ is a deep-tech software company with world-leading expertise in 3D holography. Their team of expert engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists developed a revolutionary set of algorithms that turns science fiction into fact, unlocking the potential of display technology. VividQ had a clear vision – to be leaders of the next generation of 3D display and beyond.  However, they needed a brand that could help to articulate their highly progressive yet complex proposition to everyone. They needed people to understand what they do. 

Evolving the brand started by taking a deep dive into the technology, the team and the company’s ambition to gain clarity. Focusing on VividQ’s remarkable skill in transforming 2D displays into rich and unique 3D experiences led to a strategy articulated through the strapline: ‘Because the world isn’t flat’. 

This strategy was then applied to the visual identity, helping to communicate VividQ’s ability to manipulate focal fields to create additional dimensions to our surrounding world. The logo evolved from a flat 2D design to a brand expression with real depth. 

The resulting brand identity provides a visual shorthand for VividQ’s complex proposition. Enabling audiences to understand their world, their solution and buy into their vision for a more multi-dimensional future. 

Evolving the existing logo into a brand expression with depth
Real, unedited footage of the technology

Rendering VividQ’s brand into a clearer articulation of their proposition made them more accessible. Providing the clarity necessary to engage audiences with their vision, they’ve gained greater visibility and created greater awareness of their proposition. This has enabled them to continue their growth journey and successfully positioned them as leaders of the next generation.

VividQ has now:

  • Been voted KPMG’s Best British Tech Pioneer 2020
  • Gained more strategic partners to support them in evolving display technology
  • Achieved over £17m in funding

By exploring focal fields we were able to visualise what the software actually achieves and use it as a visual identity system.

Jonny Davidson

Design Director

Making technically complex software be able to not only inspire but also talk plainly and simply has boosted the brand’s reach. None of this would have been possible without openness and trust. VividQ were willing to join us on the journey to push the boundaries of what was technically possible at every touch point, even within a complex interactive CMS website. With their support, we crafted an innovative but accessible brand that will be within everyone’s homes in the future.

Vicki Young

CEO, Nalla

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