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Informa, a FTSE 100 business connects specialists with knowledge. Their network gives unique access to respected innovators such as Steve Wozniak and Dame Stephanie Shirley, as well as leaders from business such as Netflix and Starling Bank.


The ambition was to develop a stand-alone subscription service that would give it’s global audience access to their rich and valuable information. This required a digital brand that could bring together content from diverse sectors; a brand that would sit alongside Informa whilst having the potential to reach out to new audiences. 


It also needed a name that could work internationally and neatly summarise what the platform set out to offer: short, smart, video interviews from business experts. 

Introducing Streamly.

When developing the visual identity we looked to the already recognisable language of learning — the systems of note-taking, bullet points, highlighting key information…even the ruled lines of note books. These familiar visual cues are brought life in motion to represent the expansive and accessible content of the platform.

Bringing it all together in a flexible system that could introduce different content themes and types of content. We developed a suite of bespoke illustrations that allows Streamly to develop content with complex themes and narrative.

Streamly highlights the shift within Informa’s overall business, toward a more digitally focussed brand. The new brand ensures their digital content is presented in a way that’s accessible to a far wider group, and is building awareness of the highly valuable video content they produce.

“Nalla’s collaborative, iterative approach resulted in a brand that enhances and amplifies the content we have. Streamly now gives us the platform to grow a vital part of our business”.

Catherine Dogra

Head of Digital Marketing, Informa Connect