Unlocking people power to beat copycats



Setfords pioneered a ‘new-law’ model in the UK, delivering tech-enabled legal services. Fast-forward ten years, and they were faced with competition from a raft of inferior copycats who talked the talk but didn’t walk the walk. Imitation may sometimes be the finest form of flattery, but not in this case.



Setfords needed to be crystal clear on what they stand for. Defining special difference through brand positioning, visual/verbal identity and website design serves as the catalyst to communicating why this firm should be first choice for clients, potential employees, and investors – and to support ambitious growth targets.



What really sets the firm apart from the competition? Their people are truly at the centre of everything they do. This is the central pillar of the new brand positioning “For people, by people” and that’s reflected in a powerful and flexible visual device that leverages the word ‘for’ in Setfords. The brand’s tone of voice was also overhauled in line with the positioning, inspired by testimonials from employees and clients. Supported by a refreshed colour palette and bespoke photographic style, the new branding clearly and confidently articulates what Setfords stands for, to maintain trailblazing status and keep the copycats at bay.

“We’re already seeing some fantastic results due to the rebrand and the reception has been brilliant. Our new brand positioning and visual identity allow us to tell a story that elevates us above the competition. The new design is the perfect balance between professional and friendly with copy that fully reflects our culture and ambition.”

Harriet Reynolds

Marketing Director

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