Redefining research access

RSRCHX is an online marketplace for unbundled financial research, providing asset managers with a cloud-based repository of reports. We worked with the business to bring the brand and platform to market in September 2015.



  • Change perceptions of the research-buying process



  • A brand identity visualising easy-to-find research
  • Created a consumer-grade experience in a B2B app
  • A brand that feels trusted and innovative



  • Exceeded growth target by 18%
  • Most Innovative Data Product, Financial News Awards 2017
  • Financial Times Top 10 Fintechs to Watch

Prior to the MiFID II research unbundling regulation change, specific research information was hard to find in a high volume of low-quality reports. Searching for a key piece of information was like navigating through an expensive maze. The brand identity visualises cutting through this maze with ease, representing what RSRCHXchange does as a business.


RSRCHX is a virtual library platform for asset management firms that delivers greater choice, smarter access and the ability to buy institutional research in real time. It cultivates and makes searchable the best content available while reducing payment, compliance and administrative burdens.

We translated the brand identity and vision into digital touchpoints across the web-based platform and app. As part of our on-going relationship we help design new features and advise on user experience and best practice.

In corporate sales videos and demos, illustrations and icons are animated with a sense of fluidity that strengthens the concept of a seamless, easy-to-use platform.

The iconography builds on the idea of a simple maze, with an easy entrance and exit point from every icon.

Nalla continued to work with RSRCHXhange to provide sales and marketing material, animations, videos and corporate reporting, up until they were acquired in 2019.

Data visualisations
Interior graphics

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