Helping children to feel comfortable around masks

In July 2020, Nalla set out to solve one fundamental issue: easing children’s anxiety around mask-wearing adults.

The results? Nalla Masks.


Adorning a mask or face covering quickly became a necessity in helping to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, but this brought with it a real worry initially for parents around how their children would react when faced with mask-wearing adults. Whether at nursery, at the doctors or doing a weekly shop, children were faced with masks almost everywhere they went.

This unique problem needed to be addressed.

Nalla set about trying to tackle this issue, with input from friends and family to help guide the project and produce a finished product that was accessible and easy-to-use.


After brainstorming ideas within the studio, and taking into account thoughts and insights from family and friends, we decided to develop a series of animal-themed mask accessories. It was important that they would be easy to use, whilst also looking fun and playful, so we developed three separate animal faces to use as our characters, and used a simple cut and fold design to make them as easy and quick to assemble as possible.

Masks in the community

Nalla Masks have been spotted far and wide, being used in nurseries, hospitals and primary schools up and down the UK. It’s been fantastic seeing how much of a difference Nalla Masks have made, and acts as a true testament to the power of design. If you’ve enjoyed using Nalla Masks, get in touch and let us know!


Please click on any of the links below to download your free mask accessory:

The childminder has been wearing the Tommy mask and it instantly made the kids feel more relaxed to see her again, even after all this time. They’ve been begging for their own ones now too!

Daniel, Father of 2

Senior Designer
Alice Saunders
Tom Peck
Project Leads
Vicki Young
Oscar Ralf

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