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Following a 2020 overshadowed by Covid-19, mass redundancies and national lockdowns, it was clear that many were struggling.

We firmly believe in giving back – in the past Nalla has donated to charities and designed campaigns for not-for-profits. But this time, to make the biggest impact possible, we donated our time. We wanted to do something significant, so we immersed ourselves in a project designed to help other people just like us.

And so, along came MindFull – a platform syncing our favourite mood-boosting content from across the web.

A gap in service

The design industry has been particularly hard hit by the effects of Covid19. With the UK under renewed lockdowns, parents trying to balance family and work or worried employees finding themselves suddenly stuck without a job, we thought we’d use our skills and experiences to create MindFull – something that made sense to our peers and helped them feel a little less blue. Giving back to the community we love.


There are plenty of websites, organisations and initiatives for mental health out there. However, we found that in general, content was unengaging or difficult to find. We wanted to address this issue as well as share what’s worked for us when it comes to dealing with mental health. Although we are not doctors or therapists, we’ve been there before.

More likely to suffer issues with mental health when working in the creative industries

MindFull may just be the perfect antidote to 2020 – and a unique place of positivity as we plod on into 2021.

Zac Petit

Editor-at-Large, Print Magazine

Feeling selection page
Offering some much deserved ‘me-time’

MindFull is designed in a way that enables visitors to make a choice about how they discover content that’s right for them, offering two core user journeys. The first was for those that crave some ‘me-time’ from the stresses and strains of life. Designing an uncluttered way of being able to browse by selecting or searching how you’re feeling was key here. We wanted this to feel calm and personal, offering a journey for users to embark on and discover a variety of tailored suggestions to help them with their specific feeling.


MindFull’s other user journey is for those who want quick access to all resources in one place, with the option of using filters to whittle down and discover content in a more granular way. Here, users can dip in and out easily, and return and search for previously discovered content.

Core user journeys for the MindFull platform
Desktop overview

MindFull offers a variety of content, in the format of books, films, podcasts, articles and much more. A collection of everything that has made a positive difference to us. We wanted people viewing the site to let us know about what has worked for them too, so we’ve included the option to submit new resources and create a community willing to share ideas and help each other.


Given the fact we are not mental health professionals, and some people who visit the site may need more help than we are in a position to offer, we have included a dedicated section providing contact details and information on all the key UK helplines, for when people are experiencing a serious crisis.

Unique resources available so far
Shooting the cutout illustrations
Cutout animations for each type of resource on the MindFull platform
Celebrating imperfections

We wanted to reflect an upbeat and positive tone throughout the site – both in the copy and design. Both these aspects complement each other and reinforce the overall purpose of boosting moods and offering new inspiration.


One of the key design aspects was the stop motion animations and illustrations, which were all cut out by hand in order to give a more honest and genuine feel – here, we wanted to celebrate imperfections, which is something as humans we often tend to avoid.

Straightforward, snack-sized positives, that are easy to digest.


Designer & MindFull user

Advocating change in the creative community

Within the first 3 weeks of MindFull going live, we’ve had over 2000 visitors to the site – it’s been absolutely brilliant to see MindFull helping this many people so soon. We’ve been able to add over 20 pieces of user-submitted content so far too, helping the platform feel like a supportive and connected community already.

“I’ve been living with depression for a few years now, and its always been a real gamble whether to bring it up with fellow creatives or employers, as there can be negative repercussions. It’s brilliant to see MindFull driving more mental health advocation in the creative community!”

Rebecca, Freelance Designer

MindFull is set to be maintained for the foreseeable future, with the plan to continue to add content and build on the platform in order to help even more of those who might need it.


Feeling a little blue? Try MindFull for yourself.

Visitors to the site in the first month
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