From IT-crowd to it-crowd


London Tech Week, Europe’s largest tech festival, wanted to expand its appeal to a wider audience. With ambitions to become the London Fashion Week of the tech world, the brand needed to take it up a notch and transition from an industry event to an icon of innovation. 



The launch of a partnership between London & Partners and KNect365 was the catalyst for the next exciting chapter of London Tech Week. Having established a strong reputation amongst tech-based businesses as a go-to event for innovations and industry developments, organisers recognised the potential appeal of the event to audiences outside of the industry. London Tech Week needed to get onto the radar of tech enthusiasts and curious members of the public alike, appealing to their interests and demonstrating the host of world-leading content on offer. If you love tech, you must be seen – front row – at London Tech Week.



It was imperative to create a real buzz around London Tech Week. To make it stand out and resonate with new audiences. The brand needed to reflect the pace, creativity and collaborative spirit of the tech industry along with the passion and curiosity of its far-reaching audience.


We injected a sense of energy into the brand with a fresh and vibrant identity and tone. The visual arrangement within the identity represents the highly collaborative nature of London Tech Week, bringing together world-leading innovators and tech-enthusiasts to produce world-leading content and events that were too good to miss. 


Designed to capture audiences’ attention whilst creating a sense of excitement around the event, the vibrant use of colour, motion and fluidity of the identity system immediately elevated London Tech Week to a far more visible platform. 



As a result of the rebrand of London Tech Week, the event achieved;

  • 43% increase in attendees
  • Hit KPI of 35% international attendees by 2019
  • NPS score increase from +15 to +22.6
  • Social reach increase from 34.2m to 300m
  • New sponsorship contracts secured with tech-giants Microsoft, IBM and Intel. 

London Tech Week is a great opportunity to celebrate our ever-growing strength in tech, and the many fantastic entrepreneurs and innovators that help make our city the best place in the world to do business. I want London Tech Week to be Europe’s top tech event in 2017, highlighting that London is open for business, new investment and global talent.


The Mayor of London

One of the biggest design challenges on this project was to make sure our brand thinking kept up with the technological innovation throughout. London Tech Week is crucial as London is one of the key European tech-hubs, and we worked to define the emotional values of that brand and its product to reflect the audience from start to finish.


Digital Designer, Nalla

As part of our ambition to deliver a bigger and bolder London Tech Week, we engaged Nalla to arrive a fresh brand identity and tone. Their work has led to a fresh and energised brand identity that reflects our intention to create a city wide festival feel and underlines our vision to bring creativity, innovation and talent to London Tech Week this year and going forward.


Director, London Tech Week

Bethan Thomas
Jonny Davidson
Alice Saunders
Rafa Prada
Alex Tomlinson