Championing the power of words

Leaders In showcases the inspiring thought leadership and success philosophies of some of the world’s most senior leaders, thinkers, CEOs and through engaging videos and events.



  • To become the destination of choice for industry leaders to understand what their peers/competitors are thinking
  • To differentiate their brand from competitors
  • To strengthen their brand equity through coherent communication style, across branded and co-branded deliverables



  • Brand identity refresh positioning Leaders In as an authority in the sector
  • Suite of flexible brand assets for the marketing team to use to create strong communications

To become the destination of choice for industry leaders to understand what their peers/competitors are thinking, Leaders In required a brand identity refresh that built on its existing equity in market.

The brand identity wasn’t working hard enough to support the ambition of being a premium value offering capable of bringing additional revenue and value to the wider business (particularly when inserted into a conference experience). The identity also bore similarities to other professional networking brands in the market and greater differentiation was required to avoid confusion for users.


The opinions, knowledge and words from industry leaders are the main reason to experience Leaders In content. As such, the refreshed brand identity was inspired by the power of words.

The identity takes visual cues from editorial broadsheet design with bold opinions, headlines and typography. A simple imagery treatment was devised in order to align different headshots received from speakers into coherent Leaders In headshots.


We dialled up the brightness of the blue to stand out on the page and further separate the brand from competitors in the market. The overall brand colour palette is deliberately simple to keep the brand looking sharp and refined. We created unique speech holding devices to frame leaders and copy so that the insights and noteworthy leaders took centre stage. The size and position of these holding devices allowed each communication to feel like part of the same suite while allowing flex for different formats, content types and channels.


The identity succeeded in providing the brand with a more premium and authoritative presence in the market, as well as providing the team with distinct assets to create coherent and unique communications. We provided a brand toolkit document which the team could use in briefing their internal team on the redesign of the website and creation of ongoing communications.

Design Director
Jonny Davidson
Jessica Morgan
Client Partnerships Team
Bethan Thomas

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