Injecting colour into the world of diabetes

Dutch health-care start-up ViCentra, wanted to change the diabetes landscape by introducing a colourful and compact insulin pump designed to improve the daily lives of those living with Type 1 diabetes.



  • Provide strategic brand positioning, naming and visual identity as well as translating the brand into its product, interface and sales collateral.
  • Ensure the finished product communicated mostly to younger female users, whilst avoiding alienating male and older demographics.



  • Created the name Kaleido, taking inspiration from colourful, vibrant kaleidoscopes and ViCentra’s vision of “Seeing the world differently”.
  • Created a user-friendly, fun and colourful lifestyle brand – removing the medical aspect of the product.
  • Addressed all aspects of customer journey, from pump colour to how the device is received, ensuring an enjoyable and accessible experience right the way through.



  • 20,000 new users to website within first 5 months of launch
  • Closed a €10 million investment round to fund international growth
  • 2021 pan-European rollout

ViCentra wants to help people to live on their own terms, and to think about their diabetes less, not more. Their new product was set to launch in the UK and the Netherlands, with its sights set firmly on a global market.

ViCentra approached Nalla to provide strategic brand positioning in the market, naming and visual identity as well as translating the brand into its product, interface and sales collateral.


To reinforce ViCentra’s company values of designing for people, not patients, and being meaningfully different, the product itself needed to be more than functional; it had to be desirable.

The challenge was to introduce a user-focused and lifestyle approach to the traditional medical sector – which created an exciting opportunity for differentiation.

We had to create a brand which would work cross-culturally and across digital and physical touchpoints. It had to be simple and beautiful. While that seems like a limitation, it kept functionality and positive user experience at the core of the project.

ViCentra wanted to expand into a younger target market, attracting more female consumers, without alienating male or older demographics. This created a specific set of requirements. In short, we had to create the iPhone of insulin pumps – an integral product which, while crucial to everyday existence, is a coveted possession communicating something of its user’s personality and personal style.


We created a strategy determining the brand’s values, mission and personality, and then assessed possible design solutions through this lens.

After looking at what current market competitors were doing, it was clear that we wanted to do the opposite! Lifestyle branding and luxury packaging were key influences on the final brand identity.

Instead of a cold, sterile and necessary tool, our brand highlights what you can do with diabetes, rather than what you can’t.

Seeing the world differently

This statement ultimately informed our creative thinking. We turned to the idea of a kaleidoscope for inspiration – another object which transforms the way we view the world, by injecting colour, vibrancy and a new perspective. The brand’s visual language, name, product design and use of colour were influenced by this approach.

I admire companies that don’t just think about the functionality of a device, but are also aware that we hold it in our hands every day so it needs to make us feel good. You can tell that the people at Kaleido show real emotional consideration and understand people with diabetes.



We chose a vibrant colour palette inspired by the kaleidoscope scheme across all touchpoints.

Kaleido’s tone of voice is approachable and personable, encouraging trust.

Bright, uplifting photography reinforces the philosophy of living life on your own terms.

User design plays a key role in everything, whether it’s the design of the Kaleido user interface or the first interaction with the brand itself. We considered every aspect of the customer journey, from choosing your pump colour, to receiving the device, to the way refills are sent out.


  •   Best Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Visual Identity
Jonny Davidson
Robbie McWhirter