Connecting a respected knowledge leader to a new global audience


Informa Connect is a knowledge leader, offering a wealth of professional training online, in-person and hybrid. They’d chosen to consolidate their global training in order to raise its profile in an increasingly competitive sector.

This required a brand that could communicate the depth of their expertise across a wide range of subjects in disparate sectors and in varying levels of qualification. Research and immersion workshops revealed that bringing the entire learning portfolio together in one entity would give Informa Connect the ability to capitalise on one of the biggest shifts in education: the move towards lifetime learning. The new brand set out to encapsulate this shift, both strategically and visually.

Visualising personal progression

One of the challenges was how to communicate the idea of both a linear journey, and of constant, ongoing development, whilst hinting at the many emotive reasons why people choose to upskill throughout their lives.

The ‘orbs’ are an expressive brand element. They create a sense of growth and progression — of knowledge spreading out into the world, as they interact and overlap with each other, and with photographs of the audience.


In contrast, a thin graphic line runs throughout the brand, taking the viewer’s eye along the learning journey. This line also helps to frame messaging that’s future-focussed and talks directly to the ambitions and aspirations of the audience.

A naming strategy with clear intentions

Finally, when it came to developing a name, the decision was a simple one; the name had to express its connection to the master brand.

Informa Connect Academy is now clear on its intentions — to be recognised as an education brand with a global reach, promoting life-long career development.

Project Team

Russell Holmes; Strategy

Kirsty Tavendale and Nathanael Johnson; Design

Fraser Campbell; Client Partnership

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