Making meaningful connections

Gabriele Skelton – a renowned recruitment platform for the creative industries – risked losing touch with its customer base, and more crucially, itself.



  • To be able to properly communicate what makes them special in a saturated recruitment industry.
  • To focus on personal relationships as opposed to transactions.
  • To humanise and embolden their brand identity, emphasising their goal to help creative professionals realise their ambitions.



  • Introduced the shortened, more approachable name, Gabriele.
  • Created a human, and tongue-in-cheek visual identity.
  • Our bespoke iconography created a gentle visual system deployed across all brand assets.



  • Average time spent on the site increased by 300%

For over 25 years Gabriele Skelton has been one of the most reputable and recognised names in the creative industry. However, where the industry and its talent had evolved, the brand Gabriele Skelton remained unchanged – putting it at risk of losing its connection, not only with its audiences, but with its own proposition.

In a saturated market of recruiters not renowned for their empathy, and where increasingly the process of finding a job is moving online, it’s important for a niche recruitment agency to be able to communicate what it is that makes them special. In Gabriele Skelton’s case it was easy to identify what makes them exceptional – their focus on personal relationships as opposed to transactions – we just needed to find the best way to communicate it.

With a brief that addressed every brand touchpoint, we focused on developing the bold and ‘human’ brand identity their team desired in order to communicate their genuine commitment to helping members of the creative community achieve their ambitions, whilst celebrating the progressive and imaginative industry in which they specialise.

Decrease in bounce rate

Reinforcing the sense of the truly personalised service Gabriele Skelton is so famed for we introduced the shortened, more approachable name, Gabriele. Both internally, and externally, this helps to strengthen the perception of the brand being a real partner – someone who has your best interests at heart and will help you make the right choices.

For the team, it was important that the brand personality more accurately reflect them and their approach. This strategic development has helped to further increase employee engagement with the brand, and motivate the team day to day.

At Gabriele, the team’s commitment to supporting both candidates and agencies within the creative community is what really sets them apart from the competition. The visual system we created helps to illustrate just how much importance Gabriele places upon recognising the unique attributes of every individual.


Designer, Nalla

Iconography showcasing candidate and client sectors
Iconography showcasing candidate interests and studio specialisms
Iconography showcasing the studio and their perks
Iconography showcasing candidate experience

As the journey of finding a new job is unique to each person, we created a human, and tongue-in-cheek visual identity, which provides enough flexibility to personalise each and every individual’s experience regardless of whether they interact with Gabriele online or in person – helping to reinforce Gabriele’s core value: ‘It’s not about us, it’s about you’. Bespoke iconography was developed to create a light-hearted visual system that stretches across all brand assets, from celebrating the characters of the consultants at Gabriele on their business cards, to providing candidates and clients with a clever navigation tool on the re-designed website, helping them identify unique attributes that will ultimately lead them to the right opportunities.

The new brand identity will enable Gabriele to continue to make meaningful connections for many years to come.

Increase in new sessions on the site

We’ve actually had Nalla as a client for a while and placed some great people there. As we had experience of their work, we knew they were the right team to approach when we wanted to rebrand, and they’ve delivered so much more than we could ever have hoped for!


Managing Director, Gabriele



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