Vital choices for a more sustainable future

In February 2020, a group of researchers sat together in Cambridge to explore how the UK’s towns and cities may look like by 2040, dependent on whether government and industry succeed or fail in meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For an issue with such immediate importance behind it, the researchers believed their insights needed to have a wider audience and make a greater impact than could be achieved through an academic article.

Nalla, alongside authors Didem Gürdür Broo and Kirsten Lamb, were tasked with developing a short summary document, aimed at key stakeholders within the construction industry and local government, followed by two eBooks; one for an adult audience, and one for children, each laying out the four possible future scenarios identified by the authors. These scenarios and resulting publications were identified and developed in order to help stakeholders and the wider public to consider the importance of their decisions today to guide the country, their sector, or their organisation toward a more just, sustainable and resilient future for all.



  • Compel government and industry decision-makers to take action now to ensure a future where SDGs have been met
  • Inspire readers to envisage a future where digital technology is used to support human wellbeing, social justice and ecological sustainability
  • Find a balance of graphic language and written word to clearly summarise key messages
  • Encourage the next generation to engage with their families and wider communities to help create a more sustainable future



  • Multiple virtual workshops were held to help frame the content and ensure we stayed true to the vision of the authors
  • A vibrant and playful illustration style was developed to help the readers understand the complexity surrounding these issues
  • For the children’s eBook, animations and a voice over were added to ensure the content was accessible to a diverse younger audience
  • Social assets were developed to aid in the promotion of the eBooks
Industry eBook

“The team at Nalla were fantastic to work with – they managed the project smoothly and flexibly in the face of changing circumstances. The design work was creative and gorgeous, but also followed our lead for what we wanted to communicate. It was a true collaboration and the final product is a testament to that.”

Kirsten Lamb, Author

Children’s eBook

Harry Dipple
Kirsty Tavendale
Helen Jones

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