Reframing the focus



Since 1976, Edinburgh TV Festival had dominated the industry’s event calendar. However, the brand was being led by the event rather than the other way round. It was time for the brand to step into focus. 



Edinburgh TV Festival was failing to reflect what it was and what it stood for. It had become synonymous with the annual events themselves and provided little to engage with beyond that. A large part of the organisation’s story was left untold.


The lack of a consistent brand identity not only resulted in confusion for audiences but also created an overwhelming workload for the team each festival season as, led by the events, they had to design an entirely new identity for each new event. 


Edinburgh TV Festival needed a brand that could lead from the front. One that was undeniably representative of the organisation and its purpose & positioning. It needed to be flexible enough to meet the team’s requirements and be sustainable for the future. 



Drawing inspiration from the past, present and future of television we created a distinctive and relevant visual identity system that enabled the brand to take centre stage. The modular system, based on the 16:9 TV screen ratio, was designed to be highly adaptive, providing the team with plenty of flexibility whilst ensuring that every event, piece of communication and activation would remain consistently on-brand. 


The new identity not only reflects the ambition, progression and dynamism of the media industry, it also helps audiences identify and engage with the brand behind the events, finally getting to see the full picture and learning the full story.  



  • Increase in paid delegates by 9.9% YOY
  • Following the rebrand, the Festival sold 90% of Early Bird tickets within 4 days, compared to the previous average of 6 weeks
  • Delegate revenue increased 15% YOY
  • 50% reduction in time spent by internal teams on creating event collateral 
  • Clear and thorough brand toolkit reduced amount of time spent fielding queries from event and production teams
  • Increased press coverage

We developed a modular approach that allows the team to create pages with huge variety, whilst remaining on-brand.


Lead Designer

Nalla helped us to address some of the issues we were having with our brand. We didn’t feel that our identity reflected who we are, now we have a youthful, effective and totally flexible brand for us, which the whole team are loving.


Marketing Manager, Edinburgh TV Festival


  •   Shortlisted for Best Visual Identity from the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Sector
Vicki Young
Meri Wills
Alice Saunders
Jonny Davidson