Advancing to tomorrow, together


Digital Catapult is part of the UK’s Catapult Network – a not-for-profit organisation transforming the UK’s capability for innovation across a wide range of sectors. Tasked with accelerating industries’ adoption of advanced digital technology, the pace of change is fast-moving, and the brand needed to keep up.



Digital Catapult provides networking, specialist programmes and experimental facilities to UK businesses, investors, Government and research & academia. The focus is on driving the development, application and adoption of digital technologies, including; Immersive, AI, Future Networks and Distributed Systems. With such fast-evolving content and a broad offering of services available, the Digital Catapult team needed a trusted partner to help manage everything at a brand level. A partner that could match their pace. 



By becoming an extension of Digital Catapult’s in-house marketing team, we collaborated to help workshop new initiatives, design and launch new products and create distinctive, engaging visual identities for each of their programmes. Putting the needs of the client team at the centre of each project, we ensure that our work is easy to adopt, implement and adapt, much like Digital Catapult’s own proposition. 


Since forming our partnership with Digital Catapult in 2017, we’ve successfully supported, collaborated and advised on approximately 40 projects a year. By demonstrating our ability to immerse ourselves in their world and understand their purpose, proposition and audiences inside and out, we’ve granted Digital Catapult the freedom to focus on achieving its goal of accelerating the digital future of UK businesses and the economy. 



Nalla’s ability to swiftly synchronise, keep pace and gain in depth insight into a client’s world has resulted in a ‘partner, not project’ relationship with Digital Catapult. A long-term, trusted collaboration that keeps both parties inspired, motivated and producing multi-award-winning work together year after year. 

Brand hierarchy of programme sub-brands
Augmentor – programme collateral

I am so glad to have a brand that appropriately represents the energy, innovation and vision felt by the immersive industry today.

Emily Savage

Immersive and Creative Partnerships Lead

Jonny Davidson
Alice Saunders
Kirsty Tavendale
Dani Biancardi
Bethan Thomas