Building the future of construction in London

Eight central London boroughs have come together under the umbrella of Central London Forward to progress a sub-regional project which addresses some of the main issues at the heart of the London construction industry.



  • Improve the volume of Central London residents applying for jobs in the construction industry
  • Reduce the number of unemployed Londoners in key developments across the Central London area
  • Shake the current misconception of the construction industry (labourers in hard hats)

The construction industry faces challenges in relation to securing a skilled and sustainable workforce. Nalla worked with Central London Forward to help them on their mission to increase the supply of the qualified and motivated local talent that Central London needs.

The pilot project improves the delivery of Section 106 – to ensure that opportunities are filled by trained local jobseekers. Central London residents can access training and support, allowing them to work across the eight boroughs.

Construction Careers targets potential worker candidates, construction employers and council/borough partners. They all share a common aspiration of growth, progression and ambition, whether that be career development or city and community development.

The feeling of growth and development is reflected in the identity system, which translates across logo animation, campaign layouts and image styling.

The identity re-positions construction from a ‘construction = labourer’ mindset to a ‘construction = wide variety of open opportunities’ mindset. The common misconception is that anyone who works in construction is a white, male,hard-hat-wearing labourer.

The truth is far more diverse – we wanted to show that anyone can work in the construction industry. The campaign shows everyday people in their everyday local surroundings around London. The effect is a relatable message that makes candidates think “that could be me”.

Photography art direction
Campaign posters

Photography of construction workers illustrates the variety of jobs in the industry – showing planners, office jobs and freelancers working from home.

Digital applications

We built a flexible design system to work across all printed and digital collateral. Every canvas is divided into three equal columns, which allows content whether it be text or image to show steps of progression.

The bold typography and confident colour palette is something refreshing for the industry, yet it still feels akin to the existing construction and DIY look and feel, so to not put off industry partners and employers.

We look forward to seeing the pilot roll-out across London and will update this case study as results of the project are released.

Design Director
Jonny Davidson
Account Director
Bethan Thomas

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