Making Healthcare Engaging for Consumers

Short Read

With the demand for health services steadily rising, the healthcare sector should focus more on branding, just like other sectors, in order to attract and retain consumers. Healthcare is incredibly personal, therefore building trust is vital in a healthcare company’s success.

So, how do you engage healthcare consumers and create an authentic and trustworthy brand? The points below should help get you started:


Have a clear business strategy

Having a clear business strategy is fundamental, as you need to know who you are and what you stand for in order to create an authentic brand that consumers can grow to trust and build a relationship with. When you have a brand identity that consumers experience a personal connection with, this can lead to an increase in consumer retention and brand advocacy.


Consumer Experience

Consumer expectations are forever changing, so you should constantly bear this in mind when trying to improve your customer experience. It is important that your brand is aligned with these expectations and does this with consistency. Your brand should feel cohesive and as such every touchpoint should be considered.

By being consistent you are more likely to end up with a trusted brand, appearing reliable and dependable to your consumer. From consumer interactions with company staff through to the usability of your website’s interface, trust must always be conveyed. Nothing should be left to chance.

By understanding your consumer’s expectations, you can be sure to create a brand that speaks to them. Customer research will help you to better understand their wants and needs and this can help to create actionable insights to ensure your brand stands out, and for the right reasons!


Visual Identity

The healthcare sector is awash with visual clichés and an unhealthy obsession with the colour blue. Make sure you analyse direct competitors and do a visual audit of their branded communications – this can help you identify areas where your competitors start to look and feel the same, so you will know what to avoid when looking at your own brand and fine-tune what helps set you apart.


Rise of digital

There has been a drastic shift to digital across most sectors, which in turn has created a certain new ‘norm’ when it comes to consumer experience and how consumers expect to be able to interact with your brand. The healthcare sector has so far been generally slower than some to appreciate and react to this shift. Consumers have shown they are willing to use less traditional healthcare methods, so healthcare companies shouldn’t shy away from introducing a more digital aspect to their brand and offering.

The benefits to digital healthcare are being more and more widely realised, and include; gaining access to a new and wider consumer market, improved resource management, smoother financial and administrative processes, improved access to specialist expertise, and so on.


What we have outlined above are just some of the basics in terms of making healthcare more engaging for consumers, but even with a few small changes you can quickly start to see improvements to your brand and wider business. Most importantly, you need to create trust – don’t be afraid of using new technologies to help you, and maybe stay away from the colour blue.