Make it Personal

Short Read

Customer personas are are an invaluable tool for any brand. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create them: 




If this is the first time you’ve developed personas, start by conducting market research to ensure you have a full understanding of your industry, competitors and existing customer base. Identify trends, customer behaviours, and preferences. 




Gather direct insights from your current customers through surveys and interviews. Ask about their needs, pain points, preferences, and experiences with your brand. You’re looking to identify common themes in their responses.




Make sure you involve stakeholders from marketing, sales, and customer service into the process. Their input will provide diverse perspectives and ensure that the personas you’re creating are well-rounded and applicable across the organisation.




Divide your target audience into categories that make sense for your business. For example, you might segment them based on job role, age, location, buying habits or values.




Develop a detailed persona for each category. Think of a persona as a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer within each specific segment. Include details such as age, gender, job title, goals, challenges, and preferred communication channels. To make them more memorable and relatable, give each persona a name. This helps internal teams to empathise with these archetypes more effectively. 




Remember that any customer personas are dynamic and are likely to adapt as your business grows and market conditions change. Regularly revisit and refine your personas to ensure they remain accurate and relevant to your brand and its audience.