Launching can be tricky, but we’re here to make it effortless from conception to launch.

We have created a way of working that delivers results, and this is the journey we’ll take:


The focus of this stage will be to develop a deep understanding of your business, audience and context. We set strong foundations for business growth by analysing the market, your audience and competitors. We will define a brand strategy and manifesto that are aligned to your growth plans.


Translating the who you are (strategy) into the how you walk and talk (design) is vital to achieve the growth ambitions you have. We design powerful visual and verbal brands for disruptor businesses.


We embed the new brand into your internal team as well as the core communication templates for your audience. We use digital and analogue tools to make the right first impression across all touch points.

Turn concern into clarity

Working with our team helps iron out any fears and concerns you may have, ensuring your positioning is clear and your brand is constantly and consistently growing its equity.

We will help you:

  • Learn how to stand out in a crowded and saturated market
  • Understand how to communicate a complicated message simply and directly
  • Engage your teams and set the vision

How much does it cost?

We’re often asked “how much should I budget for creating and maintaining the right brand experience?” This chart chapters the average yearly spend of a company going from serious start-up, to float or sale.

Seed Stage 25k-60k

You’ll be in a position for your product or service to go to market. We advise businesses to establish the fundamentals of; what you stand for (strategy), what makes you different (USP) and what you say (visual and verbal identity).

Early and later stage 60k-200k

We provide branding support to assist with effective communication to your customers, diversify your offering and grow brand equity.

Public Company 200k+

Once you are at this stage you’ll have a large number of staff that you need to take on the journey with you. So we advise on internal engagement, preparing for IPO and launch into new markets.


Hear from one of our clients, who we helped navigate the journey from launch through to successful acquisition.

Start-up to sale

Vicky Sanders, co-founder of RSRCHXchange believes branding had an integral part to the sucessful sale of her company, just five years after incorporation. This is her story.

Why did you first feel a need to involve brand and user-interface designers?

Our first sales deck was solid on content, but it’s appearance was a total let down. We realised we needed help with our branding and overall customer experience. The initial meetings with Nalla enabled us to convey our vision and for them to develop some great ideas for visualising our brand.

How did you integrate brand into your business and has this helped you grow?

Nalla’s involvement didn’t stop at the initial brand creation, continuing through to the development of our product where they worked hand in hand with our front-end developers to ensure our product matched the brand qualities we had set out. We’ve been complimented hundreds of times on our strong brand and the look of our products – it’s undoubtedly helped us to rapidly expand and ultimately sell our business.

Did brand have a role to play in the sale of RSRCHXchange?

Brand value played a huge role in the recent acquisition of our company. The acquirer has invested significantly in their own brand and was looking for a well-recognised brand to acquire in an adjacent space to its core business. This was true right down to the messaging embedded in our brand, which mirrored some of their core values, speaking to the importance of strong and clear messaging.

What do you think when early-stage start-ups design their own logo, websites and platforms?

Start-up founders have expertise in their area of focus, but are asked to take on a plethora of new roles when running a company. One of the most important is brand development and in most cases the founder has nearly no experience with it. Being able to find expertise to help with weak spots is a sign of a good start up.
Every start-up needs to sell their product and that starts with a well thought out branding and customer experience strategy, which can feed the product, marketing and sales efforts. Working with a quality design team like Nalla meant that our developers were powered up to build something that we are all very proud of.