We now live in a world where transformation is the currency to survive.

Many businesses want to go through a digital transformation, but get stuck focusing on technical delivery. They struggle to develop humanised and delightful products for all audiences, neglect to align and engage internal teams, and miss out on building brand equity.

And that’s where we come in. As brand consultants, we bring a powerful weapon to the boardroom – creativity.

We define the brand strategy starting with the customer first and working back. This generates increased audience engagement and improves your customer experience.

Our philisophy is that embracing empathy creates engagement. Set the right culture for change, then engage and align the business.

We use creativity to truly connect with people. Delight your customers, launch effectively and create loyalty.

The Transformation Ecosystem

We are brand specialists. We provide expertise and creativity to a wide range of consultancies for transformation projects. Through collaboration, we ensure that the magic happens to protect and grow brand equity.

Innovative businesses can’t evolve in a vacuum

You can’t solve every problem alone. That’s why smart organisations are integrating our brand specialists into their teams, helping to cultivate a diverse team of thinkers and doers, creating the most successful transformations out there.

The transformation stages

A flexible approach for support where you need it, when you need it.

Results of our Informa digital transformation project

increase in share price
operational savings
in sales within first 5 months

GORDON SUTTIE, Director of Digital Transformation at EY

The Nalla team bring a unique approach with the passion and energy which ensures the successful integration of brand (re-branding, brand positioning) to every aspect of the digital transformation. I mark the success of a large digital transformation when someone new walks into the transformation team’s workspace, and I can’t tell who works for which company – Nalla are able to integrate very well. They also bring immense branding and design talent, so that when they are running brand workshops, you know that it’s Nalla!

I have worked with Nalla on two large digital transformations. I love the approach Nalla brings to these engagements, the team immerses itself seamlessly into the digital ecosystem.

Matthew Neal

Executive Partner, IBM