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Bringing brands together can be a minefield. Brands, by their nature, are rich with equity and have been integral to growing your business up to now. As such, many are reluctant to lose that equity overnight and don’t know how to move forward when bringing multiple businesses together. There are seemingly endless questions that merging brands can present. For example, we’ve identified some key ones…

  • We’re merging two businesses, but should we retain one of the current brands or create a new brand?
  • Do we need to create sub-brands?
  • How do we ensure our customers and teams are with us for the change journey?
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We have extensive experience of working with brands facing mergers and how best to manage the process so that all parties manage to find the best solution for growth, without too much compromise. Whether you have entirely autonomous brands merging directly, a house of brands looking to create a more streamlined purpose, or a branded house wanting more order to your architecture, you can learn from our experience.

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We’d be happy to put you in direct contact with any of our clients if you wanted to get their perspective on what it’s like to work with us.

Our marketers are more engaged than ever. Nalla has been integral in pushing our business forward and positioning it for growth….I cannot recommend them highly enough!


Chief Marketing Officer, KNect365 (An Informa Company)

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