Bringing leadership to life

Short Read

Earlier this year we worked with Informa Connect’s internal team to design an engaging and memorable set of leadership principles.



Working with a behavioural consultant, Petra Edwards and key stakeholders had developed a framework that described the five different principles of leadership. Each of these clearly describes the behaviours that are expected from any colleague in a leadership role. Our brief was to develop a theme that would make the leadership framework as ‘sticky’ as possible — ensuring not just recall of the five principles, but widespread adoption.


Our starting point was to decide on the approach — was there a benefit in developing a strong overarching theme that was made up of five individual parts, or should each of the five parts be given equal focus?



After presenting a number of themes that explored both these approaches, we settled on a solution that defined a name for each of the attributes that all leaders should have; the visionary, the coach, the motivator, the innovator and the influencer.



Defining these as memorable personality types gives colleagues an instant shorthand, and helps them recall the associated behaviours.



To further elevate the five attributes we designed a series of icons and a visual system. Each of the ‘five attributes of successful leaders’ is seen to radiate out from the candidate; reinforcing the idea that a leader must demonstrate each of these attributes, not just focus on one or two.