B2B thinking is outdated


The terms B2B and B2C were coined over half a century ago. How can they possibly still be relevant today, after all the way we work and live is vastly different from the 1950’s.



We no longer act differently from 9—5.


Our working lives are driven by the same technologies and demand for engagement as we’ve come to expect in the rest of our lives. We demand the same engagement and connection from brands whether we are at home or at the office or on the sofa. And for the three generations whose work lives have been digital those old definitions, B2B and B2C are outdated and totally irrelevant.


Businesses need to ditch outmoded thinking and focus on building businesses to people brands. Brands that connect to a digitally native audience who expect seamless solutions to fit how they work and live.


We believe in powerful human-centric brands.

What do you think?