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B2B and B2C are inflexible, outdated definitions



By adopting a B2P, Business to People, approach to branding, we create brands that connect with their audience on an emotional level, driving engagement and adding long-term value.


B2P brands are in tune with today’s digitally-native business decision makers, and fully adaptable for tomorrow.


Our book, B2B is Dead; Welcome to Business to People Branding, is now available to buy.

“A great concise book for anyone wanting to gain an understanding of how a brand connects to its audience on a deeper level.”

Micheal Von De Geest

Consulting Partner; EMEIA EY

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“Making things simple often requires a lot of thought, effort and ability; it is great to see how Nalla have managed to deliver a simple but impactful message about branding.”

Matt Neal

Global Energy, Resources and Incubator Lead; Endava

Why B2P is the right approach for your brand


Speak to a digitally native audience

Today’s decision makers are brand-savvy and expect more from the organisations they interact with. Brands need to have a seamless branded, customer experience as standard.

of today’s business decisions are taken by millennials (Sacunas)

Create connections that count

Developing meaningful connection, means having a compelling brand narrative and expressing benefits that align with the needs and desires of your audience.

Fully connected customers are 52% more valuable than those who are simply satisfied (HBR)

Tap into the power of emotion

Surprisingly, business customers are significantly more emotionally connected with their vendors than consumers. B2P taps into the power of emotion.

of consumer purchase decisions occur unconsciously (Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School)

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