Masks can often be intimidating and scary for kids, but we think we’ve found the perfect solution.

Wanting to add some character and personality to your protective mask? We’ve created a trio of best friends to help you do just that!


They’re super easy to use:

  • Select your character
  • Click the link to download for free
  • Print at home
  • Cut out your design
  • Fold and stick along the dotted lines
  • Slot it into the front of your face mask/covering – voila!

Choose your character…

Tommy the Tiger

Tommy enjoys climbing trees, exploring the jungle and playing in the sunshine – definitely the most active of the bunch!

Create Tommy the Tiger

Billy the Bulldog

Billy sleeps a lot, but you can always count on him to keep you company – just make sure you’ve got him some snacks!

Create Billy the Bulldog

Bella is a friendly giant. She prefers to crack open a jar of honey, and itch her back on the tallest tree she can find!

Create Bella the Bear

How to make your mask…

Step 1: Print at home

Click on the links above and download your design. Simply print this off on A4 paper, and get ready to start cutting!

Step 2: Cut and fold

Cut out your design along the solid black lines, then make the folds and stick together as shown in the instructions sheet attached to your download.

Step 3: Slot onto your mask

Fold the two flaps at the top of your design, slot them into your mask – ready to go!

A big thank you to Tom Peck, who kindly volunteered his time to produce the photography shown on this page.

The childminder has been wearing the Tommy mask and it instantly made the kids feel more relaxed to see her again, even after all this time. They’ve been begging for their own ones now too!

Daniel, father of 2

Who else would you like us to add to the pack?