KNect365 is the Knowledge and Networking division of Informa which came into being in 2014 when 28 different conference businesses became a single organisation. Today, they are more than 1,000 people working in more than 60 markets, with offices in London, Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and across the US.

Having worked together on a digital transformation project for their event brands, the KNect365 team approached Nalla to switch focus to their corporate brand strategy and identity. Feedback from across the business in their annual survey highlighted a lack of understanding of what KNect365 stood for and the vision for its future. Furthermore, as a relatively new brand, KNect365 needed to build its own brand equity to better support the portfolio of products within it. Nalla were asked to help create a unifying brand strategy and bring the visual identity in line with a more customer-facing remit.


Working closely with the KNect365 team, we defined a simple, compelling brand purpose and set of values that everyone in the business could understand and relate to, as well as communicate to customers.

Alignment to visual identity

KNect365 was originally designed to be a hybrid brand between business and customer facing. This approach no longer worked with the new brand strategy. The corporate identity lacked the warmth and energy needed to appeal to consumers directly and there were very few brand assets for the teams to work with to create truly engaging communications.

We needed to evolve the existing identity into a more visually engaging, energetic brand that would align to the aspirational brand strategy. One aspect of the identity that we evolved to be more relevant for a customer-facing audience was their ‘portal’ device. We moved the portal from a static, uniform and minimal application to a front-and-centre device that is brimming full of life and energy. This supported the brand purpose of ‘Know more, do more, be more’. The portal now represents the business as a facilitator to achieve ‘more’.

We created multiple portal treatments in a multitude of colourways, thus creating a large bank of graphics to be used by internal teams across internal and external collateral. The portal device is also used as a subtle brand indicator in every icon we designed, creating an ownable set of icons to be used online and in internal emailers. As this was a brand evolution not revolution, we adapted the colour palette and typography to be more modern and distinctive whilst retaining the equity of the existing logo.

Results and engagement

To communicate the new brand strategy across the business, we worked with the international offices to create an employee-led video. This video brought diverse teams, from the US to London to Dubai, together to introduce colleagues to the new purpose and what it means for them in their everyday working lives. This has been followed up by locally-held ‘Town Hall’ meetings.

Embedding the new brand strategy and evolved identity is still on-going across the business.

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