How to rebrand 2,000 events in 12 months

Transform Awards Europe and Digital Impact Awards 2017

Gold, Best brand consolidation
Silver, Best rebrand of a digital property
Silver, Best implementation of a brand development project
Silver, Best Digital Rebrand

Informa is a FTSE 100 company specialising in business intelligence, publishing, networking and events. Their Knowledge and Networking (K&N) division have organised industry-leading conferences for over 20 years. When we met them, they needed to evolve both their business approach and their brand, to keep ahead of new disruptors entering their market.


Our brief was to reimagine K&N’s presence across customer touchpoints, ranging from event experiences to online communications.

The new brand world had to be immensely flexible – enough to communicate for more than 2,000 conferences and training events in sectors ranging from life sciences to finance. This world needed to be exciting enough to capture event teams and empower employees. In short, there had to be a connected thread running through all K&N’s products and services.

Nalla provided the business with a flexible system that empowered our marketers to get involved and harness the power in their own brands.

Graham Jerome-Ball, Head of Brand, Informa


To deliver a brand that would scale and flex by the required amount we created a system of assets that could be generated by anybody in the business. This consisted of a large bank of symbols which formed the core of the brand, with a photography bank and text treatment to produce logos for each event. The resulting system allows for complete customisation within a set of boundaries that has allowed the brand to be rolled out across a huge number of events very quickly through a self-serve model.


in operational savings from better working processes from brand management logistics alone


Applying the new ‘Alchemy Symbols’ (from their internal description of being ‘Connection Alchemists’) to Informa’s brand collateral along with their new tone of voice has led to exciting and vibrant iterations of the brand across all customer touchpoints. Spaces, objects and publications are now making a bolder, more confident impact. The work has been embellished further through direct contact with the branding team, seeing brand extensions and FUSE and TechXLR8.

At the centre of the brand sits CORE – a content management system allowing individual access and creation of brands through a custom built ‘brand generator’. This allows anybody creating an event to define the brand and website, rolling out the application from digital into their print collateral.


The time to set-up an event website that can take online payments from scratch


The results speak for themselves. Within a financial year, all of Informa's events have been successfully rebranded. They achieved £6m in sales within the first 5 months of their platform going live and have seen greater engagement rates across their properties.


Increase in Informa’s share price between November 2015 and 2016

The Brand Generator was an absolute milestone. Our marketers loved it, and it has given amazing freedom to the teams. It’s the perfect combination of brand curation and empowerment, the brand rollout strategy of the future – a triumph!

Isobel Peck, Chief Audience Officer, Knect365

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