What makes us more than just pretty faces!

A clear focus

We’re only as good as our last project.

We understand that making any investment in brand is a big commitment, in a number of ways. Whether it’s time, resource or financial budget, the ROI needs to make it all worthwhile. We’re entirely focused on what impact we have on our clients’ businesses.

Rather than offer a cookie-cutter process, we start each project by understanding what the individual objectives are, and tailoring our process against them.

Our approach guarantees your commitment becomes a worthy investment, rather than merely a cost.

Brand futurists

The landscape for brands continues to evolve, and our mission is to keep one step ahead for our clients.

We understand that increasingly your audiences will be engaging with your brand through new channels. For your brand to seamlessly adapt to ever-shifting parameters, it needs to be built on firm foundations. We focus on the following three core areas to improve your brand’s chances:

We InformBrand Strategy

Competitor audits, brand architecture, naming, market positioning, purpose, values and proposition development based on audience insight
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Creating a future-proof brand means focusing on the foundations upon which it’s built. Starting from the core helps to inform the outcome of challenges such as:

“We’re being overshadowed by the competition - how can we build awareness?”
“We’re going through a merger and acquisition process - how do we create a new unique positioning?”
“We’re bringing out a new product - how can we reach out to a new customer demographic?”

We answer challenges like these via; competitor audits, brand architecture, naming, market positioning, purpose, values and proposition development based on audience insight.

We CreateCustomer + Team Experiences

Creating brand identity equity, experience design, Tone of Voice positioning and guidance, branding environments, video and animation work
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Once businesses really understand where they need to be strategically positioned we can then answer concerns around questions such as:

“How, and where, do we best communicate with our target customers?”
“Can we ensure we are maximizing brand preference?”
“How can we fully engage our teams and create true brand ambassadors?”

We answer challenges like these via; creating brand identity equity, experience design, Tone of Voice positioning and guidance, branding environments, video and animation work.

We BuildFuture-Facing Brands

Providing guardianship, internal engagement delivery, build living style guides and deliver digital and printed marketing collateral
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Brands cannot be static. Your brand must be agile and flexible - able to support the company proposition whichever way it may develop and counter challenges such as:

“We are moving into new markets - how will our brand fare against foreign competition?”
“How do we ensure we’re attracting (and retaining) the best talent in the marketplace?”
“We’re introducing new systems and technologies - how do manage the integration with minimal impact to the brand?”

This is supported by; providing Guardianship, internal engagement delivery, building living style guides and delivering digital and printed marketing collateral.

Digital transformation specialists

We're experts at integrating with digital transformation teams. We focus on empowering the human side of digital transformation projects - delivering the best brand experience for clients, customers and internal teams throughout the business change.

Key considerations for ensuring successful digital transformation:

  • Clear vision of where you need to get to;
  • Aligning teams to be primed for business change;
  • Introducing technology that'll execute a better brand experience;
  • Reinforcing the brand to successfully translate and support both internal and external experiences.

Running a successful digital transformation project relies entirely upon a harmonious balance of outside expertise and in-house champions to establish the perfect team for delivery.

Our expertise delivers on brand and design development. As brand guardians throughout the process, we monitor and confirm that client, customer and internal teams' needs are translated into the brand experience and considered at every single touchpoint from screen, to print and visual to audible.

What makes us different?

  • We have specialist experience of working on large-scale international digital transformation projects;
  • We will co-locate our team to provide smoother work flows when necessary;
  • We can adopt clients' agile methodologies into our design practices;
  • We are experts, not egos.
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Don’t just take our word for it…

I have worked with Nalla on 2 large Digital Transformations now, over the last few years. I love the approach Nalla brings to these engagements, as the team completely immerses itself and fits seamlessly with the Digital Ecosystem we create for these challenging projects.

I have worked with a vast number of agencies in the last 20 years - full service marketing, Digital Marketing, Branding, Design across all of the big agency networks as well as other niche providers. Past experience has shown it has been challenging to combine branding and related activities in an effective manner with customer research, platform design and delivery work streams.

The Nalla team bring a unique approach with the passion and energy which ensures the successful integration of brand (re-branding, brand positioning) to every aspect of the digital transformation. I mark the success of a large digital transformation when someone new walks into the transformation teams workspace, and can’t tell who works for which company - Nalla are able to integrate very well. They also bring immense branding and design talent, that when they are running brand workshops, you know that it’s Nalla!

Gordon Suttie
Director of Digital Transformation, GLOBAL Management Consultancy

29 Charlotte Road
London, EC2A 3PB

+44 [0]20 3034 4324

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